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Piště pouze anglicky!
Avioris, drak
Avioris8.9.2011 (13:23)  č.14
Actually, Bratislava would be a great idea. Its even closer to me than Prague, meaning that I can take a train in the morning and return back at night, meaning that I can do it on weekends and won't have to take any holidays at work. Besides I always wanted to climb that superhuge tower If there will ever be a weekend dragon meetup in Bratislava starting from October, you can count me in

Also Brno is another posibility for me to go. Depending if my mood is "adventerous" enough, I can do one city one day and one city another.

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Flaiming, drak
Flaiming7.9.2011 (10:10)  č.13
Avioris: I'm glad to hear that :) I'll be staying closer to Prague, so I hope to see you there sometime. And perhaps we can sometimes arrange meeting at Bratislava (Slovakia), there are a lot of dragons too.
Avioris, drak
Avioris6.9.2011 (23:10)  č.12
A few weeks ago I participated on a dragon meetup, had fun and met a lot of new friends. I have to say that this meetup was one of those wonderful things that happen in a persons life. And it was really worth participating in it, and if there will ever be an opportunity I'll be coming again. Unfortunately I can not go to Prague often for obvious reasons, but I might be visiting again before the end of this year.
Even more important than a meetup were the actual people I met and new friends I found. Despite the obvious language barrier which sometimes created amusing fun (if anyone remembers pizza with "smetana" and how "cat" is said in Hungarian ) it was really fun. I am curious to see what the future has in store for us.

Thank you everyone for these wonderful experiences. And thank you for being one of the best dragon communities around.
Avioris, drak
Avioris14.8.2011 (22:13)  č.11
Yesh I am actually staying for more than night. I will already be in Prague from Friday and will leave on Monday morning. So its 2+ days. I am occupied till Saturday evening, but after that I am ready for evening adventures in the city, so if there are any adventurous dragons around I'll be happy to any company.

And don't worry if you are not talkative person, I am VERY talkative so there shouldn't be any problems
Galahad, dračice
Galahad14.8.2011 (17:25)  č.10
Avioris: I admire you, how many times it's complicated to come to Prague for normal czech person, and you travel this long trip.. Are you staying here for night at least? I'm surprised that you have a few draconic souls in Hungary..
Ok, I'll keep some questions for our draconic meeting, I'm afraid about my conversational skills because I'm not much talkative person..
Avioris, drak
Avioris14.8.2011 (0:34)  č.9
LadyDrake: I found about the existence of Czech dragon community from draci.info IRC chat, where I was told about dragon exhibition in Vopice, which I visited in march 2011. From there I learned about draci.info and here I am now Yeah, and don't be surprised, in case of my country, even fewer people know where Hungary is located so Czech Republic is not alone in that. The fact that our countries are relatively close to each other is also important. Also Czech dragon community is 10 times the size of Hungarian dragon community.

Answering your other question, I've been interested in dragons for as long as I can remember myself. In fact from what I remember I was into dragons even before I could properly imagine or understand what a dragon is. Not that it is even possible to understand such complex creature as a dragon.

And yes, as I mentioned earlier, I am definitely coming to Modra Vopice next weekend, so we will have a lot of time to meet and talk. I am also looking towards our conversation

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Galahad, dračice
Galahad13.8.2011 (21:06)  č.8
Avioris: I'm still thinking about the way you get here, how did you found our dragonic group? I heard something about dragon meeting you visited but I don't know if it's true. How long are you interested in dragons? (I'm surprised that someone is interested about dragon members in this small country, few of horde human creatures know where Czech republic is situated :) )
So, hope I'll see you at Modra vopice, I'm curious about you. x) (I know, nothing special you might say, but it's so interesting for me)

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Avioris, drak
Avioris13.8.2011 (20:35)  č.7
Thanks a lot to Faliming for making an english topic. This will greatly help with comunication, especially for me.
I have been in the comunity for 3 days already and the more time I spend here, the more wonderfull it gets. I am deffinately going to participate in Setkání s Draky v Modré Vopici
Nay, dračice
Nay11.8.2011 (23:55)  č.6
Flaiming: Mea culpa, mea maxima culpa
Flaiming, drak
Flaiming11.8.2011 (23:52)  č.5
Nay: Topic is for both languages - try switching to english ;)

Neriel: Well, I'm sure that there are more, but they probably aren't active for some time...
Neriel, dračice
Neriel11.8.2011 (23:25)  č.4
Hello, foreign dragon - Avioris. Are you that one who I know from our dragon exhibition in Prague? Just to be clear, I'm not good at remembering names, sorry for that.x)

Flaiming: Is Avioris the only foreign dragon here?

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Nay, dračice
Nay11.8.2011 (22:50)  č.3
Point of inquiry: Should the name and topic really be in Czech only?
Other than that; what good idea - it's a brilliant one :3
Frost, drak
Frost11.8.2011 (22:46)  č.2
Actually, there is a discussion right now, in main chat room

Grees, dračice
Grees11.8.2011 (22:42)  č.1
This forum is really good idea! I like it!
Flaiming, drak
Flaiming10.8.2011 (15:48)  č.0
I would like to welkom among us dragon from Hungary, Avioris!

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